Bellini: I Puritani - Oper Stuttgart (2DVD)

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Ana Durlovski, Diana Haller, Rene Barbera, Gezim Myshketa, Adam Palka, Roland Bracht, Staatsoper Stuttgart, Manlio Benzi

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I Puritani is one of Bellini’s most creative and influential masterpieces, a bel canto opera stamped with vocal and orchestral writing of intoxicating beauty and dramatic intensity. Set in England in the Civil War shortly before Oliver Cromwell’s triumph, it involves romantic and political intrigues that drew from Bellini music of melodic raptness and melancholic depth. It also inspired him to compose some of his most breathtakingly virtuosic passages, notably Elvira’s Mad Scene, that call for the utmost in theatrical power. This production includes for the first time all the music performed at the work’s Paris premiere.

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Bellini: I Puritani

Ana Durlovski (Elvira), René Barbera (Lord Arturo Talbo), Roland Bracht (Lord Gualtiero Valton), Diana Haller (Enrichetta di Francia), Adam Palka (Sir Giorgio Valton), Gezim Myshketa (Sir Riccardo Forth), Heinz Göhrig (Sir Bruno Robertson)

Staatsorchester Stuttgart, Staatsopernchor Stuttgart

Manlio Benzi (conductor)

Jossi Wieler and Sergio Morabito (directors)