Gaveaux: Léonore, ou L’Amour conjugal (DVD)

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Kimy McLaren, Pascale Beaudin, Opera Lafayette, Ryan Brown

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A political prisoner awaits death in his cell. A woman puts herself in mortal danger to seek justice. With its atmosphere of revolution and tale of devotional romance and a dramatic rescue from captivity, Pierre Gaveaux’s Léonore, ou L’Amour conjugal was the direct forerunner to Beethoven’s Fidelio. Having been entirely overshadowed by its famous successor and lain hidden for centuries, this both darkly sombre and entertainingly celebratory opéra comique is seen here in an acclaimed modern premiere whose timeless and inspiring story of female heroism and political injustice is as relevant today as ever.

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Gaveaux: Léonore, ou L’Amour conjugal

Kimy McLaren, Pascale Beaudin, Jean-Michel Richer, Keven Geddes, Dominique Côté, Tomislav Lavoie, Alexandre Sylvestre

Opera Lafayette, Ryan Brown