The Secret Fauré II (CD)

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Axel Schacher, Oliver Schnyder, Antoine Lederlin, Sinfonieorchester Basel, Ivor Bolton

For the album "The Secret Fauré", released in 2018, the Basel Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Principal Conductor Ivor Bolton received fantastic reviews: "The music of Fauré ... unfolds its attraction only gradually and very subtly. With a gentle magic that can be addictive." (NDR Kultur)

In his new album, the orchestra presents a series of other orchestral and concert works by the French composer, Gabriel Fauré. Most of the recordings are based on the new critical edition of Fauré's works published by Bärenreiter-Verlag, whose score has been edited according to the latest scientific criteria.

The recording begins with the famous "Berceuse", originally for violin and piano, which premiered in February 1880 with Fauré on the piano. The piece appears on this album in the version for violin and orchestra by Fauré, which premiered in April of the same year. The "Romance", originally composed for violin and piano and premiered in 1883, was later orchestrated by Fauré himself. But after the disappearance of the manuscript created Philippe Gaubert a new orchestral version. Fauré's elegant "Ballade", reminiscent of Chopin and anticipating Debussy, was inspired by the "wood-weaving" in Wagner's Siegfried. Originally written for solo piano in 1879, it was later adapted by Fauré for piano and orchestra on the advice of Liszt. This piece appears on this album as a world premiere release after the new Bärenreiter Complete Edition, which was recently released. The "Élégie", originally for violoncello and piano and notable for its sad melody, was premiered in late 1883 and orchestrated in 1895. The musical comedy "Masques et Bergamasques", first performed in Monte Carlo in 1919, is composed in part of previously composed pieces that Fauré compiled into a rousing orchestral suite.

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  • Ballade in F sharp major for solo piano or piano & orchestra, Op. 19
    Oliver Schnyder (piano)
  • Berceuse, Op. 16
    Axel Schacher (violin)
  • Élégie in C minor, Op. 24
    Antoine Lederlin (violoncello)
  • Masques et bergamasques, Op. 112
  • Pavane, Op. 50
  • Romance in B flat major for violin & piano, Op. 28
    Axel Schacher (violin)
  • Allegro from Symphonie en Fa (or Suite d'Orchestre), Op. 20