New Year's Concert 2019 (CD)

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Wiener Philharmoniker, Christian Thielemann

On the Sony Classical label - The New Year’s Concert, one of the world's most famous and spectacular classical music events, returns for the 80th time to present to viewers a sensational programme made up of the vast repertoire of the family of Johann Strauss and its contemporaries. Every year since 1939, The Vienna Philharmonic, one of the world’s finest orchestras, put on a show filled with lively, uplifting, yet nostalgic music which is broadcast in over 90 countries to a worldwide audience of 50 million viewers. The New Year’s Concert 2019 will see Christian Thielemann, Principal Conductor of the Dresden Staatskapelle and Artistic Director of the Salzburg Easter, conduct this prestigious international concert event for the first time.

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Gramophone Magazine

"Enthusiasts of Thielemann’s work will be impressed by the result – though there’s plenty here to please anyone who loves this music…the Ritter Pásmán csárdás has the verve and headlong momentum of a cavalry charge. It’s terrific. Elsewhere, it’s probably wisest not to get too hung up on any preconceived notions of Viennese style. Unsurprisingly, the Wagnerite Thielemann leans towards the dramatic in larger-scale waltzes.

Sunday Times

"For a conductor who is not exactly renowned for his sense of humour, Thielemann gets effervescent playing from the band, and he dispatches the Hungarian idiom of Johann II’s Gipsy Baron overture, and the famous Csardas from the less familiar Ritter Pazman, with a dash of spice that should certainly earn him a further invitation."

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Hellmesberger: Elfenreigen
Hellmesberger: Entr'acte Valse
Strauss, E: Mit Extrapost, Op. 259
Strauss, E: Opern-Soiree (Opera Soirée). Polka française, Op. 162
Strauss, J, II: An der schönen, blauen Donau, Op. 314
Strauss, J, II: Der Zigeunerbaron Overture
Strauss, J, II: Die Bajadere, Op. 351
Strauss, J, II: Egyptischer Marsch, Op. 335
Strauss, J, II: Eva-Walzer
Strauss, J, II: Express, Op. 311
Strauss, J, II: Im Sturmschritt! (At the Double!), Op. 348
Strauss, J, II: Künstlerleben, Op. 316
Strauss, J, II: Lob der Frauen Polka mazurka Op. 315
Strauss, J, II: Nordseebilder Op. 390
Strauss, J, I: Radetzky March, Op. 228
Strauss, J, II: Ritter Pázmán: Csárdás
Strauss, Josef: Die Tanzerin, Polka francaise, Op. 227
Strauss, Josef: Sphärenklänge, Op. 235
Strauss, Josef: Transaktionen - Walze, Op. 184
Ziehrer: Freiherr von Schonfeld, Marsch, Op. 422