The Gilbert & Sullivan Collection (5DVD)

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Opera Australia

Opera Australia and ABC Classics present a new collection of six classic productions of the best-loved Gilbert & Sullivan operettas.

Deliciously funny plots, poking at the underside of just about every respectable institution of society, from parliament to the judiciary to the police to the Royal Navy – and, above all, exposing the absurdities of the British class system, and the pretensions of those who flock to embrace the latest fashions. Sullivan’s glorious music is the perfect match to Gilbert’s wickedly irreverent librettos: enchanting, joyful, witty and unforgettably tuneful.

Filmed live at the Sydney Opera House and the Arts Centre, Melbourne, these performances feature stellar casts including Anthony Warlow, Heather Begg, David Hobson, Dennis Olsen, Peter Cousens and Taryn Fiebig.

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Production listing:

Gilbert & Sullivan:

The Gondoliers

HMS Pinafore

Trial By Jury

The Mikado

The Pirates of Penzance