Discovery - Richard Gill and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra (DVD)

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Richard Gill, Sydney Symphony Orchestra

“When music is introduced to us in the best possible circumstances, our world has the potential to become richer in any sense. Music evokes, stimulates, implies, suggests – playing upon the mind, the heart and the soul. Music has the capacity to change lives forever.” – Richard Gill

Richard Gill AO was one of Australia’s greatest musicians. His death in October 2018 prompted an outpouring of love and enthusiasm across the nation, and a resolve to continue his passionate advocacy for music education in schools. Richard never stopped teaching, and whether you were a novice or a virtuoso there was always something to be learned from his passion and tremendous depth of knowledge.

‘Discovery’ was a series of concerts presented by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, combining exhilarating performances by the SSO and Richard’s trademark accessible commentary. Based on the series' principles of education through musical experiences, watch as Richard deconstructs the music and plays examples with the orchestra, explaining musical challenges and demystifying the classical repertoire.

You always knew you loved the music. Now you can discover just how imaginative, miraculous and profound it really is.

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This DVD includes full performances of each movement.

  • BEETHOVEN Symphony No. 5: Movement I, Allegro con brio
  • HAYDN Symphony No. 94 (Surprise): Movement II, Andante
  • MOZART Symphony No. 35 (Haffner): Movement I, Allegro con spirito
  • BEETHOVEN Symphony No. 7: Movement II, Allegretto
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